Listed below are the 5Cs that a gambler must possess in order to facilitate the faster transaction.


To play online slots with real money, this is definitely a must-have for a gambler because if he/she has more cash, that would be more fun. If someone will enter a casino with a bag of cash at hand, VIP treatment would definitely be offered to him. The bag of cash signals that this person is somebody and that he/she is willing to bet all these on the table.


If you do not have the cash, this is a good alternative. This ensures that one has some good amount of money in the bank. A gambler must always have a check at hand. In case all the cash was already bet on the table, enjoyment continues and the player will just issue a check to the other players. But of course, the player must ensure that there is enough money in the bank to withdraw or transfer what is written on that piece of paper.

Credit Card

Credit cards are like gate pass. They present cashless transactions. You can get into an establishment and avail a service or product if you have this rectangular-shaped object. These cards facilitate the faster transaction. Ensuring that you don’t exceed the maximum and you have the capacity to pay the bills, these cards are a big help when you run out of cash.

Connection Online

This is for online gamers. Connectivity must be the top priority of someone who is betting online. The higher the Mbps, the better. Of course, this also goes with the connection to the whole wide world. The more players you get to play online, the more challenged winning online slots machine and satisfied you are as a gamer.


Given the items 1-4, a gambler must have controlled. This control goes on how he/she will manage his/her cash, issue checks, use credit cards, and play online betting games. If the person does not have this, that person is bound to addiction towards gambling.

It is always good to find some enjoyment and fun. No one will argue on that. But as someone who engages in gambling, moderation must always be in mind. Once gambling has entered your system, it would already be difficult to get rid of it. You’ll eventually crave for it, and the worst, you are already eaten up by it. So as early as this time, CONTROL your CASH, CHECK, CREDIT CARDS, AND CONNECTION ONLINE.