Hotels across Britain and the world are in constant competition to get their beds filled, and with so many out there they have to change and adapt to the modern world and the clients’ demands, wants and needs. My fascination with architecture and design has taken me around Europe to see some of the best modern hotels it has to offer!

I am personally fascinated with hotels that are built in beautiful buildings when they keep a lot of the architecture the same. Listed buildings with high ceilings and spacious rooms are my favourite. Being from America I am used to large rooms, but as we all know European hotel rooms are often a lot smaller by standard.

Here are some of the things than I have noticed when staying in hotels in Europe, and how I think they have changed over the years.


Booking into stay in a hotel has changed dramatically since the 1980′s. There was a time when hotel workers just had a book to hand write their reservations in. Now when you enter a hotel you see them on fancy computers, easily able to see availability and rooms for the next year or more!


No longer do we have to deal with drab and boring decorations, hotels are entering the 21st century! I recently read about a fairly new hotel in Liverpool, England called Signature Living. The rooms are decorated with a theme, each one different. One is Marilyn Monroe, whilst there are huge suites themed with James Bond, the Hangover, there are loads, even a Sex and the City Suite for girls. This hotel suited my love of decoration and my fascination with it!

Front of house staff

A lot of modern hotels don’t have front of house staff anymore, they replace them with machines. I hate this! I think it’s necessary to be greeted by friendly staff who can help you with any queries and tell you about the town that you are in, as many will not have visited before. I say bring back the friendly staff and get rid of the machines!

Building shapes

The shapes of the buildings that the hotels are contained in are really new and a modern invention. I have a few examples of my favourite shapes of buildings for a hotel:

• Electric Xmas tree

This is a hotel on a beachside resort in Colorado . It lights up and looks like a giant Christmas tree (hence the name).

• Galactic suite Space Resort

This is the first luxury hotel to be all themed like space. It hosts 350 guests per year and the sunrise can be seen 15 times a day from here. The building took years and it is absolutely out of this world, if you pardon the pun!

• Capsule Hotel, Tokyo

These rooms are 2 square meters wide and each have their own TV set. They are cheap and ready to rent, mostly for these who need a quick bed for the night. They might be small but they look really cosy!