The Libertines: Bound Together’ is the definitive story of The Libertines, from the writer and the photographer who know them best.

Anthony Thornton is the only journalist to have interviewed the band at every critical stage, and witnessed every major gig. Roger Sargent was their photographer of choice; responsible for the iconic second album photograph and artwork.

Dedicated and visionary, Roger Sargent was the perfect mirror, truthful without doubt, perceptive without ego . . . bedside manner of a minotaur!

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[Thornton’s] love of the Libertines shines through each breathless passage. Bound Together reads like a great thriller, yet has moments – like an exceptional passage on an impromptu Doherty gig in Chelsea that helped split the band – that evoke the poetry, courage and optimism that surrounded Doherty at his best

The story of the band and the fallout from their split is recorded in intimate detail. Thornton and Sargent, with full access to the battling frontmen, had a unique insight into their complex relationship.

Writer Thornton and photographer Sargent really were on the spot (be it the van, the pub, the East End squat or the dressing room) while most of the squalid Libertines saga went down, capturing the queasy zigzags of the band’s career.

[Sargent’s] shots reclaim the band from the tabloids’ caricature portrayal and stand as a fine testament to their rebellious, joyous, yet ultimately destructive Arcadian dream. Anthony Thornton’s accompanying text is equally enrapturing. Read more at Jalons.